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    Calendar 2019

    Meetings held @ The Victorian on Mackenzie, 4000 Douglas St.

    In the meeting room on the main floor.

    Your program co-ordinators

    Lynn Vantreight & Cathrine Featherby


    Every Tuesday, at 7:00 pm, at the Prospect Lake Community Hall, 5358 SpartonRd... For those new to growing Dahlias you may have heard of the term, topping, disbudding, disbranching etc, of which some of the plants will be ready for this. We will also be weeding, tying up the taller dahlias.


    Programs coming up for 2019

    This Thursday, September 5, the meeting will be at Starling Lane Vineyard, in the winery building. 5271 Old West Saanich Rd. We will be having a Parlour Show, please bring up to three of your best Dahlia blooms from your garden, and also up to three of your best seedlings (from the seeds given out at the meeting) if you grew some this year. Your flowers should have a stem with a pair of leaves for showing. We all get involved judging the flowers and we will vote on our favourite one. The winning flower will be awarded a special plaque. Please come at 6:30 pm to stage your flowers, everything needed will be there for staging them, we plan to begin the meeting/parlour show at  7:00 pm. Parking is at top of the driveway to the right on the grassy area.


    VDS General Meeting (Everyone Welcome)

    Location – 4000 Douglas St, Victoria,

    The Victorian at McKenzie